Fitness Classes

At Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts, we offer a variety of classes to help our students become strong and fit. For students that aren’t interested in Martial Arts, or are looking to supplement their Martial Arts training with classes aimed specifically for strength and cardio building we offer our Strength and Conditioning Classes and our Cardio Kickboxing Classes.

Strength & ConditioningStrength & Conditioning Warm Ups

Our Strength and Conditioning Classes include a combination of aerobic, an anaerobic exercises, stretching, weight lifting, and strength training to help our students become strong and fit. No previous experience is necessary as our coaches will teach you proper technique and can adjust to any of our students needs.

Cardio Kickboxing

Our Cardio Kickboxing Classes are a fun way for our students to get a great cardio work out in. This class’s primary focus is to get the best workout in that you can and focuses on bag work and movement drills. Our Cardio Kickboxing is   great for beginners and for those that want a fun way to work on their cardio.Cardio Kickboxing

Fitness Classes Special Pricing

Those interested only in our Strength and Conditioning Classes and Cardio Kickboxing Classes receive a discounted rate but can attend as many of our fitness classes as they would like. You won’t find a better deal around! Just like all of our other classes we offer a FREE WEEK trial, so you can try us out before you sign up!

Our Pricing for our Fitness Classes are as follows:

  • One month $45
  • 3 month $125
  • 6 month $230
  • 12 month $400

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