Boxing/ Kickboxing

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a martial art that borrows techniques from various striking martial arts. Kickboxing primarily uses hands, elbows, shins, and knees for striking.

Who Should Train Kickboxing?

While Kickboxing focuses on striking techniques, it isΒ for everyone! We offer classes for people of any gender, age, or abilities!

Our Boxing/ Kickboxing classes are great forCoach Mike's Kickboxing Class

  • Learning Self Defense & Building Self Confidence
  • Losing Weight & Relieving Stress
  • Improving Flexibility
  • Those Wanting a Fun and Exciting Hobby
  • Those Who are Looking to Compete in a Combat Sport, or MMA

Why Train Kickboxing at Red Schafer Mixed Martial Arts?Coach Austin's Kickboxing Class

Boxing/Kickboxing at RSMMA combines the concepts of traditional Muay Thai Kickboxing and Western Boxing (along with some techniques from other martial arts). At RSMMA, we teach proper offensive and defensive striking techniques in such a manner that the student has the ability to develop their own unique style of striking. RSMMA ensures safety when practicing these striking based martial arts by requiring all students to wear proper training gear that meets RSMMA standards.

Class Types

Boxing/Kickboxing Technique/Pad Work: This class is tailored toward the fundamentals of footwork, offensive/defensive techniques and principles of striking. Techniques and drills will focus primarily on pad work drills. Contact will be very limited as skills are developed to provide a safe and effective training environment for less experienced students.

Boxing/Kickboxing Contact Drilling: This class is suited for more intermediate and advanced students and will focus primarily on specific live (contact) drills and techniques. Students participating are expected to have a good fundamental foundation and demonstrate appropriate control/discipline during live drills. Mouth guards, quality shin guards, and 16 oz boxing gloves ARE required.

Boxing/Kickboxing (ALL): Our lunch time classes are welcome to students of all levels. Drills and class format will be tailored to accommodate all levels and experience

We offer classes that focus on kickboxing techniques, live sparring, and even cardio kickboxing! We even have a kids kickboxing class for those as young as 6 years old!

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